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With 5,000 students primarily in the STEM subjects, our University is the key to unlocking the talent of tomorrow. Over 800 job offers are listed on our portal, making it one of the largest job exchanges hosted by any German university. Raise your profile amongst our students and alumni by advertising internships, thesis placements, part-time jobs, entry-level employment and professional positions. Our services will help you cover all your staffing needs.

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Find Candidates

Standing out from the rest of the competition through job advertisements is one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. Our targeted job offers will put you in touch with the talent of tomorrow.

How it works:

The required applicant profile is defined according to your job posting.

Your requirements are matched against applicant expectations / profiles.

All suitable candidates are sent a targeted request.

Applicant profiles are then made visible by interested candidates.

Your Benefits

Visibility is increased through technically fitting search queries

Greater hit rate:

  • Applicant profiles are regularly updated
  • Candidates quickly show their interest by making their profiles visible

Our premium members have access to this service.

Place an Ad

Gain a direct presence on the University website with your job postings. Your most important information will reach our students, graduates and young professionals at just the right time. You can choose to place free job offers on our job portal or increase your visibility by becoming a premium member.

Place Job Offers

Free Membership

  • Ads run for 4 weeks
  • 4-week extension available
  • Reminder email sent before ad expires

Place Job Offers

Premium Membership

  • Ads feature company logo
  • Ads run for 4 weeks
  • 4-week extension available
  • Reminder email sent before ad expires

Please note the following when registering:

Companies are uniquely identified through their email address, which means you can only register once. It’s therefore important that you register with a generic email address like recruiting@ or application@, so that other members of staff can access the account if necessary.

Benefits of Premium Membership

Put your company firmly in the minds of tomorrow’s professionals to win the raging talent war. When you create a company profile, you’ll be immediately listed on our job portal with the most important facts about your company and your logo. You don’t need a current job posting and there’s no additional expense, as the data will be generated from the details you provide. This is another aspect of our premium membership to further bolster your employer branding.

Services and Prices

Sign up to use our job portal and get instant access to future talent.

Basic Package

Premium Membership

Post job offers with your company logo. Discover automated matches with suitable applicant profiles.

Post your company profile on our “Company Contacts” page (with or without a current job posting)

297.50 EUR

price incl. VAT

for 12 months following activation

Additional Package

Job offers appear in the TOP 5 of search results

Place offers for internships, thesis placements and full-time employment above the search results matching the search filter

119.00 EUR

price incl. VAT

for 4 weeks

Additional Package

Job offers appear on the job portal homepage + top ranking

Place offers for internships, thesis placements and full-time employment above the search results and on the job portal homepage (max. 4 companies)

297.50 EUR

price incl. VAT

for 4 weeks

The job advertisements posted by our premium members are also positioned more favourably on our physical job board in the Main Building of the University every week.

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